Faith Power Ministries

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Our Story

As a young man that has had to struggle with my own personal deeply entrenched bad habits, I went on a search through the word of God and discovered certain biblical principles that unleash the power of God in a person's life. These biblical principles greatly changed my life and gave me the strength to overcome the particular bad habit that I was dealing with.

I would share these principles with the occasional person that God put in my way, but it was never anything planned or organized. That was soon to change. My wife and I at the time lived in a 2nd floor apartment with a tenant right below us. Although it was a well designed and very beautiful place to live, it had a flaw.

The individual apartments were not sealed, in other words we were all breathing the same air. That is all good and fine, but the person below us was a smoker of cigars. Now I don't know if you are familiar with cigar smoke, but it makes cigarette smoke smell like fresh roses. To add to the dilemma my wife had just become pregnant with our first child. Cigarette smoke is very dangerous for a pregnant woman, and her unborn child.

The neighbor and I tried to work things out, but nothing seemed to help. We would end up smelling the cigar smoke. One day I went down to him and I told him that if he ever wanted to quit, I could show him some things I found in the Bible that could greatly help him to kick his bad habit. By that time in our dealings he had gleaned that I was a Christian. He sort of gave me a "yeah, whatever " look and then went about his business.

A couple of weeks later when I was coming in from work, he asked me to come into his apartment and talk with him. He was seeking my advice about an addiction of his unrelated to smoking, but it was a vice that had become a part of him, and was leeching him financially and emotionally.

I began presenting to him the biblical principles from the Bible Study I had created. We would meet maybe one, or if he really needed it, twice a week. As the Bible Study progressed, he started to change. Whenever my wife and I met him in the parking lot, he would tell us how God was changing his life, and how good God was. This was a man that had never been very religious at all. A true change came over him. He was able to escape the vice that had been bothering him through the power of God and as a result of the Bible study he also stopped smoking.

This enabled my wife and I to continue to live in our apartment, we had been on the verge of moving. Eventually my neighbor moved away, but I had seen the power of God move in this man's life as a result of the biblical principles in this program.I realized I had a responsibility to share this with as many people who were suffering from any addiction or habitual sin. I began counseling people God sent in my direction on a one on one basis, but I realized that I needed to give more people access to these truths. And thus was born.